A Bad Wrap

Hamper baskets have gotten a bad wrap over the past few years and I think that is mainly due to the contents inside some of them. Personally, a lot of the contents inside hamper baskets feels a little stale, stuffy or just "filler" esq. Especially with more commercial hamper baskets, the items inside are often a bit naff. 

When looking for gifts, it takes time and patience to find a thoughtful present you think they may actually like, and that's why hamper baskets are a great solution to finding something your loved one will enjoy and use. But what's the point in a hamper basket if the contents inside are boring and stagnant and have no story or taste behind them. 

Hamper basket and Gift box


When curating a hamper basket and gift box the first thing we start with is taste. Everything has to taste incredible. From the wine to the cheese, the crackers to the chutney. It all has to sing. If there are a few cheeses inside the hamper basket then those cheeses need to compliment each other.

A good example of this is our British Cheese and Fancy Fizz Gift Box which includes three cheeses including Bix Organic Soft Cheese which is made by hand in small batches in Henley. It's soft, creamy and buttery and when slathered on a cracker with a dollop of chutney on top, is delicious. Second on the list is a chunky wedge of Lincolnshire Poacher which is a hard flavourful cheese, matured for 14-16 months. To top it all off is a Montgomerys cheddar, one of the best out there with rich, nutty and a deep flavours to compliment the other two cheeses. 



Alongside these three cheeses, we've included Amie's Cremant De Limoux, a delicate, fresh and balanced sparkling wine from Limoux in the South of France. Crackers are a delicate buttermilk cracker from Millers, THE best spicy fireflame chilli jam from Single Variety Co (If you know you know) and a bar of bean to bar chocolate from Pump Street Bakery.

Quality over Quantity 

We're very much quality over quantity over here and believe that if you are really out to impress someone then as well as things tasting great, giving them well branded, beautifully packaged products in a gorgeous gift box or hamper basket, will create an immediate wow factor before they have even begun tasting the goods. We find that products like beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Citizens of Soil, aesthetically pleasing and mission driven one from the Peloponese, Hand Crafted Pasta like this Gigili by Northern Pasta Co, Meats cured in small batches like this mixed selection from Cobble Lane Cured, and so on do the trick. After all these are things people can touch, taste and experience. 

Bottle of Citizens of Soil Olive Oil

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with good cheese, proper chocolate and some delicious well made wine. Our top sellers include Fancy Fizz and Nibbly Bits, The Ultimate Grazing Hamper and our Celebration Hamper