Pump Street Bakery

For a while now, a charming pink bakery in a township of just over 700 people in Suffolk has been having a postive impact on farmers many thousands of miles away.

At Pump Street Bakery, provenance and process are incredibly important. Not only do they make incredible pastry and bread onsite at their Orford bakehouse, the team have spent years forging relationships with cacao farmers in Jamaica, Ecuador, Granada, Bali and Peru.

Supporting family-run farms through fair wages and working with community cooperatives, Pump Street sources not only the most delicious, rich cacao bean it's also doing it ethically.

So when you tuck into a block of Pump Street chocolate, you're not only enjoying premium, organic cacoa, you're also a part of a the 'bigger picture' mission this small town bakery is on.

Meet the team

Pump Street Bakery was founded by father daughter team, Chris and Joanna Brennan in 2010.

After years of breadmaking, the bakery started importing cocoa beans from single estates and cooperatives around the world. Today, they make hundreds of kilos of premium, adventurously flavoured chocolate (including their croissant bar!)

Cocoa farmer that works with Pump Street Bakery

Why you'll love Pump Street

✔️ UK owned & local

✔️ Sustainable supply chain

✔️ Plastic-free compostable packaging

✔️ Family run business

Pump street bakery cafe pink building in Orford Suffolk

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