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Nice to meet you!

How much better does food taste when you’re backing real people? That’s why we’re out here meeting the best independent producers. As *if* Simona has been making real Italian burrata in Acton for 15 years. That dusty arch in Bermondsey? Yep, that’s where we find Frederic of Dynamic with the best natural wines. And don’t get us started on that tasty free range chicken from Nick and Jacob of Fosse Meadows. 

Who are we: 

We’re a team who’ve been working in food for a long time, and all of us have landed here in London. We love what we do and could bang on about it til the cows come home, but we won’t because what you want is proper produce on the table.

We'd love more people to cook with independents. And in time to build a community of food lovers who support being insanely independent. In a “buying sourdough from your local baker feels so much better than a loaf wrapped in plastic from a supermarket” way. It's a simple equation. Proper produce plus top-notch recipes equals more flavours and more feels. Get it on the table. 

Josh, Co-Founder

The one who keeps us all on track. Having a decade of experience within the hospitality sector and also owning a street food business he sure knows a thing or two about flavour and produce. He's out here being an ideas man with a big vision, so you'll often find him walking down the Southbank in London dreaming up our next big move. 

Lucy, Co Founder

Whilst being obsessed with food provenance, Lucy has a strong eye for detail which is why she leads on the creative for On The Table. Lucy met Josh 10 years ago whist working for Jamie Oliver and they dreamt up their street food businesses in London, which operated all over the city, as well as for large events with KERB food. Whilst currently still running their food businesses, Lucy and Josh made the jump to start On The Table in the summer of 2020. 



On The Table is all about doing things in the most sustainable way possible. This means using cardboard cool boxes (not ones which are plastic-coated wool insulated) and eco ice-packs that contain zero plastic. But because we are sent produce straight from our suppliers, we do use some single-use plastics to safely contain ingredients as we ship them to you. To counteract this, we’ve sent compost vac pac bags to our suppliers, and some are changing their procedures around single-use plastics. We believe it will soon be possible to create DIY meal kits that contain zero single-use plastic.  This is our ultimate goal and we are working hard to achieve it – but just a heads up in case you found any pesky bits of plastic in your box.

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