We're in spring season and in the month of May which means we're getting ready for those warmer months and longer days of eating fresh salads and vibrant green veggies. Spring brings us some of our British favourites including asparagus, rhubarb and wild garlic which you can pick yourself! 

If eating with the seasons is something you'd like to learn more about, you're in the right place. Below we have given an overview on which vegetables and fruit are best to cook with throughout the month of May. We've also included some delicious recipes to hep you get started. 

Seasons work in early, peak and late and here we run you through what's on offer throughout the spring season and specifically focus on what is in peak season during May. 

Asparagus - Peak Season

One of our all time favourites and the luscious green veg we've been most excited about this season. Asparagus are at their best between Late April and the beginning of June so early May is the perfect time to grab yourself a bunch and cook up some tasty spring dishes. 

A recipe we're enjoying -

Try Nigel Slaters Asparagus and Ricotta fritters - Perfect for a spring lunch in the garden with friends.  

Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Late Season 

Another favourite one of ours due to its versatility and flavour (Especially when put onto the bbq and tossed in olive oil and garlic) Purple sprouting broccoli is different to tender stem which is available earlier in the year. The heads are a vibrant purple tone and the stems come up much slimmer than the usual tender stem which means they fry off in a pan really nicely. They're slightly late in their season (Usually at its best from early March - end of April but you can still find them available at farmers markets and delis). 

A recipe we're enjoying -

Try Alexandra Dudleys purple sprouting broccoli with anchovy and chilli - A fantastic side dish (Or a main event if you do a big batch) bursting with flavour. Adding a dollop of creamy burrata would elevate this dish to another level. Give it a go. 

Carrots - Peak Season

Carrots are actually available all year round, however locally grown sweet baby carrots are the ones you want to get your hands on. Our advice would be to speak to the veg stall at your local farmers market to see what they have available at the moment. 

A recipe we're enjoying - 

Try Ottolenghi's roasted baby carrots with harissa and pomegranate - We love this recipe and know you will too. Perfect served alongside chicken, lamb or grilled veggies and legumes. 

Peas - Peak season 

Move over frozen peas, fresh podded peas are here this spring. These delicious sweet veggies full of protein and flavour work perfectly in garden salads or crushed up with olive oil and sea salt and made into a dip. 

A recipe we're loving -

Try Jamie Olivers peas, beans, chilli and mint - We love the addition of beans in this recipe to give the dish more depth. We would definitely add some crumbled Blackwoods Graceburn feta cheese all over this! Available in our Best of the month deli box launching in June. 

Jersey Royals and New potatoes - Peak Season 

These delicious soft potatoes are only in season till July so make sure to get your hands on some. They are great for charring on the bbq on the warmer days or boiling up and covering in butter for a potato salad. 

Radishes - Peak season 

We think Radishes are totally under rated. They are sweet, crisp and slightly spicy and work really well in salads and as a dipping tool. We have recently been inspired by roasted them in honey, lemon and olive oil. 

A recipe we're loving - 

Try Alexandra Dudleys Roasted radishes with olive oil, honey and lemon.  These are a perfect way to use radishes in a slightly different way to the norm. 

Wild Garlic - Here till June 

Wild garlic is only available for 3 months out of the year and its one that you have to try and get your hands on. It's one that you can go and pick yourself as there is plenty growing around woodlands and forests in the UK. Do you research on which type of leaves to pick though as it can often be mistaken for a poisonous leaf. Dont let this put you off though, wild garlic mixed into butter or made into a pesto is one of the best things we have tried. 

A recipe we're loving - 

Try James Woods garlic pesto. Here is shows you how to forage for it as well. 

Rhubarb - Peak Season 

Rhubarb has two seasons, a winter and a spring. Forced Rhubarb is available in January where as the slightly more pink and sweet variety, field rhubarb shows its face in the spring. This type makes for wonderful compotes which can be dolloped onto ice cream. 

A recipe we're loving - 

Try this compote recipe from Jerne J Kitchen