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Wye Valley Salads

Amanda of Wye Valley Salads produces over 150 different varieties of salads, veg and edible flowers in a totally chemical-free environment – all grown, picked and packed in the rolling hills of the Wye Valley. She’ll mix it up depending on the season, but we really rate her ability to balance flavour and fragrance; taste and beauty; silliness and serious commitment to taste. They’re salads you wouldn’t dare to sidedish.

Welcome to Wye Valley

“We have a silly language up here. Something is saladucious. Or we get floppage. So you have to trim the floppage, otherwise it’s slopping over something else. You’ve got to be silly. Otherwise you’d go mad!”

— Amanda, Wye Valley Salads, Herefordshire

Wye Valley Salads boxes

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