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Swaledale Foods

There’s something infectious about how Swaledale owner Jorge talks about their old-world ethos. Championing native breeds, old-style butchery techniques and whole-carcass approach, he’s committed to making meat taste the way it should do. He’s even inspired farmers to go back to the good old days of slow-farming. The kind of guy who’ll talk feverishly about grass-fed and free-range, then get you excited to cook up a storm.

Meet Jorge

Jorge of Yorkshires Swaledale foods is leading the british native breeds revolution.

“We’ve found that farmers are getting in touch with us because we know what we’re doing. Maybe they farmed Belted Galloways years and years ago but went into commercial farming. Well, now a lot of them are wanting to go back. That’s a real success story for us.”

— Jorge, Swaledale Foods

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