Meet Amarachi Clarke, founder of Lucocoa. Self-described chocolate crusader and activitst, Clarke started making chocolate from imported cacao beans in 2015.

Based in South East London, Lucocoa's mission is to make the best bean-to-bar chocolate possible from the highest quality ingredients. You might be surprised to hear that doesn't include refined sugar, only coconut sugar and lucuma, a superfood fruit from Peru.

Hence the name: Lu-co-coa. It's lucuma, coconut sugar and cocoa beans rolled into one delicious word.

Amarachi Clarke, founder of Lucocoa
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" As the chief chocolate maker, I take my time to understand our beans. I have learnt to know when the right time and temperature to roast them is and how long to grind the beans on our stone rollers."

Why you'll love Lucocoa:

✔️ Female business founder

✔️ London business

✔️ Small batch

✔️ Ethically sourced ingredients


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