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Dynamic Vines

The weekend's arrived and you've popped to the local wine shop to grab a nice bottle for dinner. Your friend’s told you to get a nice natural red. What are you eating? Is it light or is it rich? Meat or fish? Is this an occasion for Italian, French, new world, old world? What world is this?

We've partnered with Frederic from Dynamic Vines to take the pain out of wine pairing. For every On The Table box, he's chosen organic and biodynamic wines to help bring real flavour out.

Fred's been working in wine for over 20 years and has a knack for explaining the details while making you want to drink a glass (or three).

Here he goes on biodynamic wines…

“Biodynamic wines are a true reflection of the places they come from. They bring full representations of their terroirs to the table.

Biodynamic farming is a system that allows the plant and soil to be healthy. In short, we’re winemakers working with nature to obtain the best quality grapes possible. Then in the cellar, they seek the least intervention in respect of the all above.

Taste is very subjective. There’s no right or wrong and it’s influenced by seasons as we don’t fancy the same wines during summer or winter. It's paying attention to details that make the difference when pairing wine with food. Besides the common knowledge of what matches well with red or white.”

Meet Fred

You don’t need a master degree to taste a nice wine. Only nose, palate, eyes, taste and memory of what you like and dislike. Everyone can enjoy great wine.

“We create space for the producers to do what they do best. They’re not trying to follow trends but making a product that has a cultural value, as well as respecting the land it comes from.”

— Frederic, Dynamic Vines, London

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