Pairing and Producer Tips

We asked all of our Independent producers how to best use thier products so that you can get the most out of your On The Table deli box.

Cobble Lane Mixed Charcuterie

Perfect for alfresco dining, this mixed selection of British charcutterie goes really well with cheese, crackers and that delicious single variety chilli jam you have in your box!

Blackwoods Graceburn Cheese

This is a really special cheese. Marinated in cold pressed rapeseed oil, thyme and black pepper which really brings out an intense and creamy flavour. Hand made in Kent by David and his team, this Graceburn soft cheese works really well on a cheese board as it adds a different dynamic. As well as that, you can try it topped onto bbq veggies like courgettes, purple sprouting broccoli or try it on butter beans, which are available in our Modern Pantry Box.

St Judes Cheese

A small, soft, wrinkly cow’s milk cheese from Suffolk. Inspired by the French cheese St Marcellin, its savoury, rich and buttery flavour belies its luxuriously light, almost mousse-like paste.

Spread it onto a cracker with a dollop of honey. You cant go wrong.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.

Keens Farmhouse Cheddar

Handmade, artisan cheddar from Keens Farm in Somerset, who use the milk produced from thier own cows to make this crumbly cheese. We think it works really well with the Single Variety chilli jam you have in your box or grated onto pasta for a luxurious lunch.

Single Variety Fireflame Jam

This no nonsense chilli jam works with everything. A cheeseboard, a marinade, an addition to curries. Everything. Nicola, Founder of Single Variety Co likes to use it as a marinade for chicken and prawns and we think it makes a really nice addition to a cheese and wine night slathered all over cheese.

Pim Hill Oat Cakes

The best savoury Oatcakes. The ones are made from Pim Hills wholemeal flour and medium oatmeal combined with organic salted butter and baked in a wood fired oven. Nothing more. Have them with the cheese in and chilli jam in your box.

Salvatore Turi Rosso 2020

Biodynamic and full of flavour, this delicious red made with 100% Nero d'Avola grapes in Siciliy by Turi Marino. We think it's really tasty paired with the cobble lane charcuterie inside your box or try it with a tomato based sauce.

Salvatore Turi Bianco

Just like the Rosso, this Turi Bianco is make in Sicily by Turi Marino. It's flavour embodies fresh, wet stone and stone fruit, with a touch of citrus. Delicious for summer feasting when paired with soft cheese like the Graceburn inside your box.