Citizens of Soil

Olive oil is a broken system. It's commoditised, so producers are squeezed, the environment suffers, and what you end up with has been stripped of its identity, flavour, and health benefits. Howevere, Sarah and Micheal are here to change that. There is a rich sense of place that’s intertwined with small-batch oils. They want to shine a light on those artisan producers and sell something direct that elevates the farm *and* the table...

Meet Sarah and Michael

"When you look at modern olive oil, you see a broken system. Independent farmers aren't making enough money, the oil changes hands loads of times on the journey between farm and table, and the final oil in your pantry is usually an old,
flat and flavourless shadow of what it once was."

"We set out to champion small-scale farmers like Maria & Jim—and shed a light on the things they produce."