Bold Bean Co

There are beans, and then there are Bold Beans. Favoured by foodies, cooks and chefs – the last five years has seen the formation of a fan club for these delicious, vegan-friendly heritage beans.

It all started when Bold Bean founder Amelia was studying in Spain. Surrounded by a food culture that embraces beans, she became obsessed with the quality, flavour and environmental impacts beans can have. Beans play a key role in nourishing our depleted soils as they produce their own nitrogen which acts as a natural fertiliser which aids natural growth.

Back in the UK, Amelia spent a few years working with top restaurants and chefs on supply chain and food sustainability.

As time went on, Amelia took the leap to launch Bold Bean Co. and is currently changing the world (and our taste buds) one jar of delicious heritage beans at a time.

How are beans going to save the food system?

"They can nourish our growing populations – they're packed with fibre and vitamins keeping you very full and happy!

They keep our soils healthy as their crops are natural fertilisers.

Beans are the original plant protein. also known as the most natural meat replacement there ever was."

Why you'll love Bold Bean Co

✔️ Organic

✔️ Vegan

✔️ Sourcing transparency

✔️ Female lead business

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