Couples get all the best deals, the cheaper hotel rates, sofa seats in the cinema. But we say let’s celebrate single-hood. Being a person and not a partnership. Enjoying the freedom to do what you want and when you want. Lets celebrate singles awareness day together this year.

What is singles awareness day?

Falling right after Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day is a celebration of everything that is joyous about being unattached while still feeling loved. It’s a day for family, friendship and getting together without the traditional ties of a relationship. It can also be the antithesis of February 14 without hearts and flowers romance.

Why celebrate singles awareness day?

You are more that a relationship. Whether you want to spend the time getting some serious self-care on the go, making time for your friends or simply doing something you’ve always wanted to do - take advantage of a whole day that celebrates single-ness.

Gather your friends

Your friends are the backbone of your emotional support. They are your cheerleaders and emotional support. When you can overshare without a care, you know you’ve got hardcore friends for life.

It can be easy to let life get in the way of making time for friends. You get caught up in work, some of them settle down and have families, you don’t see each other as often as you’d like.

Take February 15 as a date to gather friends together. Feast, drink and be merry. 

Or do something just for you

You know that class you’ve always wanted to go check out? Now is the day to sign up. Fancy a duvet day? Stick on your pjs and grab your book. Or settle in for a Netflix marathon knowing that no one will judge you.

This is the day to indulge in your secret single behaviour, your guilty pleasures that no one else needs to ever find out about. You can eat through the Christmas nibbles you forgot about at the back of the cupboard. Or snaffle an early Easter egg. It’s the joy of being single and you can indulge.

Be brave and go alone

One of the most frustrating things about being single is that events are made for couples. The cinema, gigs, theatre - all expect you to be with someone. Even if you don’t talk to them while you’re there.

Be brave. Go single.

You might meet some other solo adventurers while you’re there. Or connect with people who you’d otherwise miss if you were out in a group. Celebrate that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

Singles Awareness Day

Celebrating on Singles Awareness Day can simply be sticking two fingers up to expectations of relationships and Valentine’s Day. It can also be a day to cherish how important your friends and family are in your life. However you choose to celebrate it - feel good about yourself.

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