Pastio A Mano

Using amazing heritage grain organic flours is something that Simon became enchanted with when making pasta at home. This sparked the seed of the idea behind bringing these amazing ingredients into the spotlight for locally made, hand crafted, small batch extruded pasta in South East London.

Simon believes that great pasta starts at the very source, the grains, their importance and provenance. This is why they are at the heart of our product and he has chosen to work with the independent farmers, millers and producers who are integral to the end result of making a great product. They play an essentially important part in the renaissance of the grains, our food chain and respecting our planet through their farming techniques, production methods and practices.

Meet Simon

"Yes I'm obsessed with it, and I am dedicated to bringing you some of the best pasta, always produced freshly each week to order, containing the best ingredients and hopefully gets you as obsessed about the stuff as I am. It's time to rethink what you know about dried pasta! "
- Simon